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"Do not think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter.
It is quiet, but the roots are down there riotous."


About Exhale Clinical Counseling

Exhale Clinical Counseling specializes in trauma-informed experiential psychotherapy, synthesizing the ancient somatic wisdoms with modern research. This approach creates opportunities for true healing and a path towards a life of curiosity, inspiration and greater ease. 

The practice’s name, Exhale, is meaningful on several levels. First, psychotherapy is an opportunity in our week to be given the space to breathe. Not just a shallow sigh of relief, but rather a deep juicy luxurious exhale. Life can easily feel like a frenzy of skimming along the surface, with little time for self-reflection or to explore the deep parts of ourselves and our relationships. Counseling at Exhale Clinical gives you the opportunity to release. It provides the freedom to sit and be present with yourself, with the support of a radically accepting and compassionate individual. A chance to come exactly as you are. Exactly where you're at on any given day. Without judgement. Without expectation. And without criticism. To just breathe. 

Secondly, the practice’s name alludes to the untapped power of the breath, and the body in which it is housed, to heal our nervous system and, as a result, ourselves. Traditional talk therapy is great. But more and more research is pointing to the reality that it can only take a person so far on their journey towards wellness and healing. 

The true magic comes when we are willing to, even just for a moment, lay down those same stories and beliefs that rattle through our minds day after day, hour after hour, perhaps even minute after minute, with no relief. When we dare to take a moment to stop, to breathe, and to connect with ourselves and the inherent wisdom our bodies’ hold, we find that healing was never something “out there” to find, or some problem to be solved, but rather a gift within us to be unearthed. 

The modality of treatment used at Exhale is tailored to the individual, with an emphasis on attachment theory, polyvagal theory, and somatics. All modalities and techniques utilized in sessions are evidenced-based and trauma-informed. As we begin to get acquainted with a more embodied way of moving through the world, we may find that we move from a mentality of survival to a more spacious and engaged sense of thriving. Some of the ways we may find ourselves feeling limited or stuck include (to name a few) perfectionism, hypervigilance, relational disconnection, escapism, chronic busyness, people-pleasing, workaholism and other forms of addiction, and chronic self-criticism and self-doubt. 

Often, the moment we’re ready to pursue therapy is the moment we realize that these patterns and cycles are no longer working for us, and we are ready to do the work to break out and begin to experience deep and lasting freedom. Through an embodied and trauma-informed approach we are at last able to rediscover the creative, courageous, connected, and confident person that has always been there. 

Exhale Clinical is an accepting and affirming space for all persons regardless of sex, ethnicity, religion, race, gender identity or sexual orientation. Offering in-person and virtual sessions at this time. 

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